Episode 2: ICE Lab Cafe


It’s Hump Day – and it sure does feel like it.

Today was my second day of student staff training and I couldn’t be more proud of my team. We are still working out some kinks, and putting the finishing – more like ongoing – touches on our conference preparation items so it’s been a little slow going.

Good thing there is a new cafe on campus – it’s also a bar, so that’s a huge plus!

I was in dire need of some coffee after today’s work day was done so I thought I would go check out the ICE Lab Cafe and see what it was all about. I invited some of my student staff to join me in hopes that some good conversation would arise so that I could write this post. It was a good thing that they came with, because there were only two other people in the cafe who were tucked in the corner, and that would not have made for a great story.

We arrived around 4:15pm and grabbed seats at the bar. It was a warm one today, so we all ordered iced coffees.

I used this opportunity to get to know my student staff on a more personal level – seeing each other outside of training means we can be a bit more relaxed. We chatted about sports, working out (two of them were headed to the gym after), travel, coffee preferences, and local drinks. We struck up conversation with the people behind the bar and asked them about their menu, what their favorite drinks were, and an assortment of other random questions.

We found out that all of the ingredients used in the small menu at the ICE Lab are locally grown. The drinks are from local breweries and distilleries, and the cafe as a whole is built and designed by local artists, entrepreneurs, and campus partners. The bar stools were hand crafted by a local artisan. The wall above the bar is apparently made out of wood taken from a climbing wall or some sort of gym floor or other recreational equipment. The ICE stands for Innovation, Creation, and Entrepreneurship. How freaking cool?!

After a short stay at the cafe and all of our drinks had been finished we split ways for the evening. I still had work to do and I didn’t want to take up all of my students’ night, but I did enjoy the company, and it was nice to end our day in such a positive and relaxing manner.

I am looking forward to stopping by again in hopes that more people will be there and I can get some good content for another post. I am also dying to try something from their food menu too!

More to come from the ICE Lab Cafe. This is episode two of The Flannelogues.


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