Episode 4: Crested Butte Coffee Tour

This was my second day off this summer and I needed to get away for a while, to escape from work and life for a bit. Crested Butte is the perfect place to escape. I have fallen madly in love with this cute little mountain town. For being so incredibly tiny, it is packed with things to do. I can’t believe how many places I can grab a cup of coffee – I thought about starting my coffee shop here, but unfortunately, the market seems to be saturated, so maybe not.

I headed up from Gunnison around 11am and arrived right around 11:30. The first thing I did was stop at The Guild Cafe, a shop I have been dying to try out and haven’t yet visited, that is home to First Ascent Coffee Roasters and Mountain Oven.


I walked up to the counter, ordered a trail mix muffin, and a coffee – It was called something strange, I believe it was steampunk? – and sat at the four-top by the window. I spread my stuff out in front of me and did some work…now you may be thinking It’s your day off and you’re absolutely right. It wasn’t work-work but work, nonetheless. I will probably explain at a later date what it is that I am working on.

I was the only person in the coffee shop – this is becoming a trend – other than employees and the bean grinder is too loud to overhear much of what they’re saying. Too bad, but probably a good thing since I need to focus on the work that I am doing.


After an hour and a half at The Guild, I decided to move to the library, so I packed up and walked across town. I thought the Beulah library was small, but the Crested Butte library is tiny. I sat in this fun little nook in the wall, but I am too big for it so I had to move after a few moments.


I think I like libraries and bookstores almost as much as I like coffee shops. When I left the library I grabbed lunch at Camp 4 Coffee.


I ordered a peach smoothie and a veggie & cheese burrito and chatted with the baristas about the Alt-J song on the radio, then headed outside to the patio. I chose a red wooden chair under a red umbrella. Two guys slightly older than me walked in in front of me and chose the seats across from me outside. They sat for maybe five minutes and left. The only other people on the patio was a group of three older women who were gossiping about the Tony’s and dream vacation destinations. I finished my lunch, and decided it was time to post up and do some reading.


I walk down the street to Rumors Coffee & Tea and Townie Books. This place is the definition of cute, local, independent bookstore and coffee shop.


I walked in and sat down at the table closest to the counter. This is the busiest of the coffee shops I’ve been in today. There is a guy about my age sitting at the table directly in front of me, headphones in, work sprawled in front of him. Across from him sits a couple who are poring over a local magazine and discussing vegan restaurants and cuisine. At the table closest to the window by the front door is a few young girls who stare at phone screens and chat quietly to one another. A middle-aged couple walk in with a dog and then the husband walks back out with the dog as he tells his wife his coffee order.


After they leave, I order a raspberry cream soda and sit back down with my book.


Three coffee shops down and I still feel like there is so much of Crested Butte to see. My next stops will have to be the few cafes and galleries that serve coffee, the chocolate shop for some ice cream or fudge, and obviously restaurants. Again, I can’t believe the local foodie scene! There’s so many options!

On my way back to my car, I notice that it’s happy hour at the Eldo Brewery so I walk in, order the IPA and go to the patio. There are two others on the patio, a couple just finishing their drinks. They leave and I am alone with my beer, the sunshine, and the mountain view. Ahhhhh! Life is too good.


The thing that I love about spending the summer in a new place, is that it allows me to experience things that I may not get to do again for a long long time. I don’t care that I spend money at three coffee shops and a brewery on my day off, because I am buying a positive experience, one that I will carry with me for a long time. I value these experiences and I can’t wait to keep trying the local favorites.

Today is also my one month Gunniversary – yes, I made that up – so why not celebrate? I can’t believe I’ve been living in Gunnison for a month already! Colorado already feels like home.

Cheers to a great summer filled with coffee, beer, sunshine, mountains, water, and adventure!

This is episode four of #TheFlannelogues.


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