Episode 5: T-bar Tea House

I have the afternoon off so I decided today was a great day to post up and get some more blogging done. I drove to Crested Butte and arrived at T-bar around 4pm – is this considered tea time?



I ordered a peach apricot iced tea and sat along the wall, my back to an old french door that no longer opens and just adds aesthetic to the shop.


The only people here are a set of two kids to my right, sitting by the window, and a middle aged man two tables to the left of me drinking a smoothie. Soft music with no words is playing and I am quickly enamored with this small storefront – a quiet and quaint place to get work done.

A few moments pass and the barista – is that what you call someone brewing tea? is it the same as coffee? – brings out my drink. Shortly after both kids and man leave and I am alone with my tea, the soft music, and the spin of the ceiling fan above me.

Well, I guess I won’t be writing much about conversation today…


A man walks in and has no clue what to order. If you’re not familiar with tea, it can be a little daunting looking at this menu. The young man behind the counter helps him settle on something of interest and hooks him up with his drink.

A group of four walk in the door and each of the girls orders a mint kombucha to go. The boy doesn’t order anything and instead sits down and stares at his phone. I think I want to grab a kombucha to go before I leave; that sounds so good!

I ask them what they think of it, and they unanimously respond that I need to order one. My mind is made up.

They leave, and I am alone again.

I hang out for a bit but no one else enters the store while I am there. I pack up and go to Third Bowl for ice cream before heading back to Gunnison.


Sometimes a quick trip out of town and a pit-stop for tea is all you need to recharge.

This is episode five of The Flannelogues.


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