Episode 7: Burnell’s Farmhouse Eatery

I’m not at a coffee shop today…but I am writing anyway. A new local business opened and I just had to try it out. I am a huge fan of food trucks so when one came to town, I was thrilled.


Burnell’s Farmhouse Eatery was perfect for brunch this morning. I mean, really, what beats a food truck offering outdoor seating and fresh local ingredients? Only a coffee shop can beat this!




I perused the menu and settled on something called Sweet Potato Sunshine. It was seriously heaven. If you’re looking for a great breakfast bowl, this is one you have to try!


A bed of fresh lettuce, sliced sweet potatoes and black beans, topped with green chile – yummmmm! Try it with eggs too!

For only being open for two weeks, there was quite the crowd when I arrived. Two older couples with dogs shared the large table against the back fence. A couple with two young children sat at the table in front of them, closest to the truck. A few others meandered in as I ate.

I couldn’t stay very long, so I didn’t bring anything to work on or intend on writing about this, but it was too cool not to share with you all. They didn’t have specialty coffee but it was local, so I settled for a cup anyway.


I look forward to coming back and trying other items on their menu and bringing friends with me next time.

This is episode seven of The Flannelogues.



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