Episode 8: The Bean

I arrive at The Bean at 9:30 a.m. I walk inside and am immediately greeted by Martin and Shannon. We exchange giant hugs and smiles and they fire questions about my internship and new job at me.

It is so nice to be back in this little coffee shop my favorite coffee shop, surrounded by familiar faces, The Lumineers in the background, and the comfort and warmth of Good Folks and The Breaks coffee.


There are only a few people here today. A young couple and their child sit at the table against the back wall. They seem to be a pretty progressive couple, as they are explaining to their daughter that there is no such thing as boy clothes and girl clothes, and that it’s rude to call people by names that they don’t want to be called. The mom and little girl leave shortly after I sit down and the father stays seated at the back table working on something, headphones in, papers sprawled around his computer.

An older couple walks in and takes the table directly behind me. They sit in almost silence for a few moments and are both reading on their phones – I assume email. The man starts talking about Trumpcare and I can’t determine whether or not he’s in favor of our current president.

The only other people in the shop are Martin and Shannon who both sit by the counter chatting to a man who works at the university. A few people come and go, but it’s pretty slow today.

I am going to miss The Bean. I realize that The Bean offers me a sense of home, community, and place. It is the place in which I connected with most in Vermillion. The Bean is warm and comfortable. There is always good music playing and a smiling face behind the counter. I can spend hours in this little shop. Correction: I have spent hours in this little shop. I am going to miss coming here every day.


I am going to miss my dear friends Ed and Leslie and the family they’re building. My sweet Clare, it was so great to meet you. I can’t wait to hold you again. Maybe you’ll be walking by the time I visit next. I am going to miss the meaningful conversations shared with Martin and Shannon over the past year. I am going to miss the instant connection that Shannon and I had as Michiganders. I am going to miss drinking Fast Track – if you haven’t tried this roast from Good Folks Coffee based out of Louisville, Kentucky, I suggest you try it – out of super cute mugs. I am going to miss doing loads of homework here – the only place I ever got any work done. I am going to miss everything about The Bean, but I guess that’s what makes it so special to come back to.


The older couple leaves after about twenty minutes, and it’s back to me and the man at the back table. I listen to the Hozier song playing on the radio and I sip my coffee, taking everything in for a moment. This is what I want to remember about The Bean on days when I am missing it.


It’s been a great year here. Until next time!

This is episode eight of The Flannelogues.


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