Episode 9: Double Shot Cyclery

After working all morning I needed a boost, and Hope, the other new RD was posted up at Double Shot Cyclery so I decided to join her. I arrive around 1:45pm.


She was already in the booth by the window at the corner of the shop. Perfect! My favorite seat! 

I order a cold brew from my favorite barista in town – I should know his name, but sadly I don’t…time to step up my game – and join Hope at our booth.

The music playing today is on fire. I’m not sure if it is a playlist, Pandora, Spotify, or someone’s music library, but I am dancing from the moment I sit down – Hope is going to learn quickly how weird I am.


We are the only people here for a few minutes. Then a middle aged couple comes in, sits down and drinks their coffees. They ask the barista about places to ski in the area, and how far we are from Crested Butte. A young woman walks in, orders an iced latte of some sort and takes it to go.

A few more people come in and order coffees to go, and then finally a young family comes in – a young couple with a double stroller and two young children, cutteee! The little boys ask what their parents are drinking and are calling the iced coffee drinks shakes. I can’t contain myself – cuteness overload. The younger of the two boys starts whining and they all get up to leave.

A police officer in uniform walks in and heads straight to the back where they work on bikes. He’s back there for a while. He walks out as I am taking a photo for this post, and we make awkward eye contact so I have to acknowledge him. I say “Hey pal, how’s it going?” at the same time that he does – great now he thinks I’m weird too. Oh well!


Hope and I are left alone again. A Leon Bridges song plays overhead and I dance along. We both start dancing to Believer by Imagine Dragons as it comes on next. I don’t actually know this song, but Hope asks me if I can sing the “wooooo” part…I say no. We both laugh because I don’t know what’s happening.

We both listen to the music and sing along since we’re the only people here. No shame! Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked plays and we’re both jamming out.

A few more people walk in and peruse the bike gear along the wall and chat with the barista about it. Another young couple walks in behind them and order coffees and a chocolate chip cookie.

A long while goes by with no action at all at the cyclery, so I guess this concludes episode nine of The Flannelogues.


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