Episode 10: Midland Stop, etc.

Hello and happy Saturday!

It’s my first day off in three weeks which means I have a lot to be excited about! I slept in until 8:15 this morning and then packed a bag and drove from Gunnison to Buena Vista…just for coffee and gelato. Yes, I did in fact drive an hour and a half just to get coffee and gelato. I know…I may be slightly crazy.

I haven’t done nearly as much exploring as I have wanted to this summer, and since it’s my day off and raining I decided on coffee instead of a hike.

I arrive at Midland Stop around 11:15am. Ain’t No Man by the Avett Brothers is playing as I walk in and I am blown away because it was just playing in my car too. I walk over to a high top table in the corner by the window, set down my bag and go to the counter.

Both baristas look pretty young, but are very energetic and offer great customer experience. The young man that took my order was incredibly friendly. It was refreshing. Whenever I go into new places and there are young employees that are great at their job and have strong work ethic I get so excited about the future because sometimes working with college students I don’t get the best attitudes and behaviors.

I order a medium drip coffee and a small mint chip gelato for a total of just over five bucks! Woohoo!


There are only two people in the small shop when I arrive. They occupy the bench along the wall and have resumes and cover letters scattered in front of them. I hear them talk about job application processes, edits that can be made to each item, and a new job opportunity in Leadville.

Two guys walk in and post up at the bar along the window. They are soon joined by a young woman. They all pull out computers and cameras. It looks from my seat like they are uploading and editing photo and video content. I wonder what they’re working on. Maybe they run a blog too?!


A cute family walks in, goes up to the counter, places their order and take their drinks to go. I am suddenly reminded of Northern Michigan. Buena Vista gives off the same touristy vibe of the area that I grew up in. There are lots of adventurers donning Patagonia apparel, Chacos, and driving Jeeps or Subarus. I kinda like this small town. There seems to be a lot going on.


The man and woman in the corner are still mulling over application materials and continue talking about jobs. A woman walks in by herself and sits at the single table right next to the bar along the window. She pulls out a computer and a notebook and works without distraction.

A young mother now comes in and takes the corner bench as resume guy and gal get up to leave.

Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root plays on the radio and a guy with a manbun and a dog walk past the window next to me.

It’s been just over an hour, I’ve finished both my gelato and my coffee and am now ready for lunch. There is a restaurant right across the street so I decide to give it a try. I pack up, buy a scone and a sticker as I leave, and walk across the street to the Eddyline where I order a spinach salad and an IPA.


Buena Vista is Spanish for beautiful view and I can’t help but acknowledge the fact that everything I’ve seen today has been beautiful. I love the rain. I love the mountains. I love the BV downtown district. I love the service I received at Midland Stop. I love the river running through town. I love all of these people – beautiful, young, adventurers, each with their own story. I am happy to have a day off. I needed this.

After lunch, I head to another coffee shop that I’ve been dying to try – they have shops in both BV and Salida.

My favorite stuffed animal as a child was named Brown Dog, so when I first heard of Brown Dog Coffee Company I knew I’d love it. I stopped in and immediately fell in love. Everything about this cute little shop screamed Joel. It was so very me. I order a large dark roast to go and pick up a sticker from here as well. I take my coffee for the road, knowing that it’s a foggy and gray drive up the mountain on my way home and the warmth of a good coffee will help get me through.


Wow! I didn’t realize how exhausted I was and how badly I needed this break until I got it. I’m so glad I took the day to focus on and reconnect with myself.

This is episode ten of The Flannelogues!


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