Episode 11: Double Shot Cyclery

Sorry for the hiatus, y’all! I’ve been super busy opening residence halls and welcoming new students to campus. Who knew that welcoming students to college was so difficult? It’s long days and lots of work, but holy cow, have I loved every second of it!

I took the morning off because I just craved some coffee and conversation. And three hours of coffee and conversation was just what I needed.

Y’all know that I’m obsessed with creating spaces for people to feel safe and comfortable and warm, which is why I love coffee shops. I also love creating spaces in which dialogue can occur and deep, meaningful conversations happen. So that’s exactly what I did. I grabbed my dear friend and hit up Double Shot for a while.

Allow me to introduce you to someone I love. Brooke Christopherson is a beautiful soul with an unmatched energy. Brooke has a smile as bright as the sun. She is intelligent, bright and positive, funny and has a heart of pure gold. She has this incredible story and I am so grateful to be part of it.

I met Brooke this summer while working on campus as an intern. She was working as an Orientation Coordinator and was planning all aspects of the new student orientation experience. Being a former Orientation Leader, I connected with what she was doing and I connected with her energy immediately and I knew I needed to be friends with her.

After a long orientation and welcome week we both needed to get off campus, and being the coffee-obsessed humans that we both are, agreed on a coffee date.


Brooke and I shared three hours of deep, meaningful conversation and multiple cups of coffee.

We shared our stories, talked about college and graduate school and dreamed up our futures. We talked about our passions for travel and adventure. We spoke about Brooke’s gap year and volunteering abroad and how I found myself here in Gunnison.

We spent a long time talking about sense of space and feeling connected to our community, where we live and our fit into that place. We both consider Gunnison home for wildly different reasons but it’s the commonality in that that brings people together. That is just how Gunnison works. It’s magical.

Since moving to Gunnison, I have met so many incredible people with so many amazing stories. I have gotten deep with my staff, students and friends like Brooke. I love that Gunnison is a place in which dialogue and “deep talks” can be created. I love Brooke and I love my team. I love coffee and the abundance of shops in the Valley. I love the energy and the vibe surrounding this beautiful community.

Thank you Brooke for chatting this morning and for always being a ray of sunshine. I can’t wait for our next coffee date – I’m sure there will be many more this year. Love ya, sister!

Find your peace, y’all. Follow the sun!


So follow, follow the sun, the direction of the bird, the direction of love” – Xavier Rudd


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