Episode 14: First Ascent Coffee Roasters

After a very long and challenging week I finally had a chance to escape reality for a bit and just enjoy myself and the fresh air. One of my good friends texted me last night asking me if I wanted to grab breakfast and coffee with him this morning and then go for a hike. I was sold.

Meet Julian Cullumber. He is one of the very first people I met in Gunnison, and I have grown to love him immensely in my short time here. Julian is far quieter than most of the friends that I am close with, but he values deep and meaningful conversation so once we get talking we share a lot. He is thoughtful, intentional, and has a positive aura that brightens rooms. Julian is smart, funny, and graces the world with his incredible smile and laugh.

peep Julian’s flannel!!

I am so thankful to have met Julian this summer. We were both working on campus so we saw each other frequently. Julian was working with Orientation as well as whipping up some new marketing materials for Conference Services. He has introduced me to many campus traditions and activities as well as shared some favorite local scenes and spots.

Julian and I drove to Crested Butte, stopped at The Guild Cafe for a breakfast of Mountain Oven bagels and First Ascent Coffee Roasters coffee. We shared conversation about our crazy week, school and work. We chatted about our hometowns, Thanksgiving break, and the upcoming winter break and times spent with family.

We spoke about growing old and dying in Crested Butte and how this dreamy little town is a perfect place to retire. We watched the little kiddos next to us playfully tease each other and run around the small shop giggling and screaming.


After finishing our delicious breakfast and coffees we were ready to get outside for a while. We headed to Snodgrass Mountain and hiked up that trail. It was beautiful. Stunning, actually. I still can’t get over the beauty of the mountains, the blueness of the sky, and the fresh air in Colorado. It’s so much different than Michigan. I love it.


We completed the trail with muddy jeans, soaked boots, and smiling faces. It was exactly what we both needed to end our week.

Thank you, Julian for sharing coffee, conversation, and hikes with me and for always being willing to go on an adventure! I can’t wait for our next outing and to see where the next local staple that you introduce me to will be.



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